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Anastasia Beverly Hills Sugar Glow Kit

Today's post is about a makeup product that is new and old at the same time, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Sugar! I have actually had this palette in the past but I was overwhelmed with the amount of highlighters that I owned so I had no problem giving it away. Now that my collection has transitioned to vegan & cruelty free, it's a little bit... small!

The Sugar Glow Kit ($74) comes in a sturdy cardboard palette with a glossy finish, it's very nice! I like cardboard packaging when done well. Sugar has four different shades, the pans are huge! The description states that there are four pink toned shades in the palette but two of the shades are pretty yellow/golden.

The formula is very smooth, it picks up onto a brush easily and applies smoothly to the skin. The shades don't have a strong base colour so they don't look streaky on the skin! I wear the two lighter shades easily but use the two darker shades on my cheeks as blush toppers! I could easily use them with a fake tan. I think that the deeper your skin, the brighter the colours would appear - the pink tones would be really obviously pink and the yellow very bright yellow.

The swatches below are unfiltered, two layer swatches with no base underneath. The swatches show that the formula isn't chunky. It isn't too thick, it has a really great formula! This palette is awesome if you're wanting more highlights to add to your collection!



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