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Fenty Slip Shine Lipstick - Makeout Break


As soon as the Fenty Slip Shine Sheer Shiny Lipstick ($35) released I had to get a shade! The name is kinda a mouthful and a tad unnecessary. Today I'm just going to refer to this lipstick as the Slip Shine Lipstick because the name is too much. The shade I have to talk about today, obviously, is Makeout Break! 

Fenty is available at Sephora Australia and there are currently 10 shades of the Slip Shine Lipstick, the shades vary from clear to vampy! I took photos of the Slip Shine Lipstick next to the Gloss Bomb in $weet Mouth to show the size. The lipstick is pretty much the same size as the other Fenty lip products! 

The Slip Shine Lipstick is extremely comfortable on the lips, it isn't designed or marketed to be a long lasting lipstick so I wasn't expecting a long lasting formula. If I could compare it to another lipstick formula I would say it is similar to MAC Lustre Lipsticks or L'Oreal Color Riche Shine Lipstick - BUT neither of these options are Cruelty Free.
I usually touch up every couple of hours while wearing the Slip Shine Lipstick but he colour isn't completely gone, I haven't tried it with a lip liner but that would definitely extend the need to touch up!

I've swatched Makeout Break next to $weet Mouth Gloss Bomb & Up 2 No Good Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick to show the colour difference. I'll be able to do a MAC Lipstick comparison post, too!

Below: $weet Mouth, Makeout Break, Up 2 No Good


I absolutely love everything about this lipstick, the tube is pretty and different from most other lipstick components but it still fits well with Fenty's other products! The formula is lovely and the shade is beautiful, it is sheer enough that it would look pretty on a range of different tones and undertones.

I'm wearing Makeout Break in the photos below! For more info on the other makeup in each photo, check out my Instagram!


I hope this was helpful, I can't wait to swatch more shades in store.

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