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Hourglass Ambient Lighting Infinity Powder Review

Today I am going to be sharing some info & opinions on the newest addition to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting family - the Infinity Powder. The Infinity Powder ($80) is 9.5g, the normal Ambient Lighting Powders ($77) are 10g so there is a very small difference in price and size, very small.

This powder is described as "A blurring, smoothing & brightening face powder." The Infinity Powder is vegan, oil free, sulphate free, paraben free & alcohol free! Oh AND gluten free.

I use the Infinity Powder to set my whole face and set my under eyes with a loose powder, my makeup lasts as long as when I use a regular Ambient Lighting Powder to set my face. I don't rely on setting powder to prolong the wear time of my makeup but if you do it might be better as a finishing powder (dusted on top of your regular setting powder). 

I've applied the powder to my hand to show how it looks on with no other makeup, you can see that other than the glow, the powder is basically undetectable. I think that the Infinity Powder is a way better match for my skin than Diffused Light (too light) or Dim Light (too dark) but I am a little concerned with the fact that there is only one shade - this is something that Hourglass are notorious for.


The Infinity Powder is a combination of two Ambient Lighting Powders and one Ambient Strobe Highlighter, the shades included in this mix are not disclosed. Each powder will have a unique marble of shades - much like the Ambient Lighting & Strobe Lighting Blushes.

This powder is beautifully illuminating in the most flattering way. It didn't emphasize anything, it softened features I like hidden (pores, ugh) and it gives such a beautiful glow. Although there is a highlighting powder in the secret blend of the trio of powders - it doesn't have any chunks of glitter.

This IS a finishing powder, it is supposed to be used as the last step in your makeup, dusted on top of everything you have already set down. I have not used the Infinity Powder this way but have used the regular Ambient Lighting Powders that way many, many times. In my experience, both powders work the same, it should work fine as a finishing powder. I just found the colour match to be exactly what I needed so used it as a setting powder rather than a finishing powder! I will have to tear myself away from using this as a setting powder and give it a try as a finishing powder.

I've added some photos of the powder on my face with no filter or skin editing, I have brightened the photos so my skin is easier to see. The powder sits so beautifully on my skin, I used the Ambient Lighting Infinity Powder as a setting powder in the photos below. For more photos using this powder, head to my Instagram!


So, do you need this powder? Did I need this powder? No, not really. I have hit major pan on my Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused light - it's half gone! I knew if I liked the shade that this powder would be well loved and I think it definitely will be. Worst case scenario, you hate it - MECCA accepts returns anyway!

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