Mecca Max Holiday Collection Review

Mecca Max has launched their holiday collection for 2020, I had some products land on my doorstep which was a lovely unexpected surprise! Mecca Max is a brand that I love because they are Cruelty Free AND Vegan!

I didn't purchase any of the Mecca Max holiday collection - I actually haven't purchased ANY holiday products. I usually avoid holiday collections unless it's a set with permanent products because I like to keep makeup that I can recommend. If I LOVE a product and want to use it all the time BUT it was limited edition and no longer available, I can't recommend anyone check it out because it doesn't exist anymore!

ANYWAY, check out the pieces of the collection that I have and my opinions on them!

The packaging is GREAT, it is fun and bright and I love everything about it! The MECCA holiday boxes and bags are also stunning this year!

Firstly I have the Party Pout Mini Lipgloss Ornament, it is $15. This is simply a mini lipgloss in a cute ornament packaging that can be hung on your tree. My favourite way to use makeup ornaments is to tie them to gifts! 

On the Mecca site this gloss looks like a pink toned nude but it is waaaay more golden than pink! I have glosses already opened and didn't want to open this one just for a swatch but if you have tried the Mecca Max Gloss Boss I would assume it's the same great formula!

This shade isn't something I need right now so I'll save this for a giveaway.

Next is the Starry Nights Eyeshadow Quad in the shade Starry Lights, it is $12! The palette is super cute, the colour of the compact is gorgeous - bold colours and gold. There are 4 shades inside, the palette that I have has pink toned eyeshadows. 
I don't think this palette swatched very well unfortunately. The bigger palette (read below) is much better quality, the shades were also really unexpected colours - they didn't quite look like I thought they would.

You can see that the swatches show the shade FRIENDS as a golden tone but in the palette it looks very pink! I thought that the shade SPICY would be a beautiful deep berry pink but it was a warm toned medium pink with a warm base shade, it's brown/orange. The shade NUDE is a pale pink with a satin finish, this is probably the best shade in the palette. Lastly, the shade DIG IT is a deep berry toned brown, this one was very patchy.

The Off Duty Beauty Trio is $42 and contains three full size and permanent shades, if my maths is correct you actually save over $10 buying this set! I have actually wanted to try the Off Duty Blush Sticks since they launched but have wanted to swatch them in store first!

This set contains an Off Duty Contour Stick in Medium, an Off Duty Glow Stick and an Off Duty Blush Stick in Pinch. The formula is very creamy and not waxy, it blends lovely and not patchy. I am yet to use these over makeup but they seem great.

The Off Duty Blush Sticks have great packaging, they're super compact! The packaging is sturdy and I especially like that the tubes match the colour inside. The Blush Sticks have 4.5 stars on Mecca with lots of reviews, they seem popular!

Lastly, I have the Locking Eyes Eyeshadow Palette, it is $42. The outside is super bright and the inside is gold just like the eyeshadow quads!

The palette is full of so many different shades but what I like the most is how they're organised into colour stories in each row! 

This palette is only missing yellow shades without being a full rainbow palette, it's full of so many shades! This would be great for anyone wanting to experiment more with colour because the colours are vibrant but not too overpowering. I am still so happy about each line being so wearable together!

first row: straight up, fairy lights, tricks, marigold, hustle & faux tan.

second row: birthday suit, bluff it, kilowatt, spesh, friday night, coco.

third row: think pink, fireworks, sassy, feelin' hot, sunrise, knee deep.

fourth row: twinkle, olive you, wannabe, mojito, ice queen, midnight.

last row: velvet, countdown, balmy, spice, vintage, darkside.

My favourite shades would have to be marigold, hustle, twinkle & countdown! I love this palette! I just wish it wasn't limited edition.

I was also sent the Making Eyes Eyeshadow Brush Set BUT in my migraine state I forgot all about them (they came in a separate box) so I will either add that in a few days or add the brush set to a giveaway!

Let me know if you have any Mecca Max faves!

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