Skindinavia Makeup Remover Spray

I was gifted this products earlier in the year and initially I was a little concerned BUT this has become my favourite way to remove makeup!

The Makeup Remover Spray is $43.80 AUD on the Australian Skindinavia website, this is a reasonable price compared to other makeup removing pre cleanses, oils & balms. The amount used each time is small and easily dispersed, something I don't love about regular makeup removing oils is how much product gets wasted.

Another important thing to note is how much less messy the spray is, when i use an oil to remove my makeup i tend to have a lot of wasted product on the back of my hands, this spray goes straight to the face! There is one downside and that is the stray product can get into my hair, i could easily fix this with a hair wrap/headband!

This is a great time saving, product saving product that I have thoroughly enjoyed! I hope you enjoy too! 

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